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Bebelle Tulip Bra

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Categories: Under Garments > Non Padded Bra

Brand: Bebelle

Tags: Non Padded Bra, Bebelle Bra

Product ID: 21

About Bebelle Tulip Bra

The Bebelle Tulip Bra offers comfort, support, and durability, making it ideal for everyday wear. This bra's high-quality materials offer a pleasant and secure fit.

Key Features:

  • Cotton Straps: Cotton fabric shoulder straps are soft and gentle on the skin, providing good support.
  • Two-Eye Closure Ensures: A secure fit and remains adjustable. 
  • Allover Cotton Fabric: Provides breathability and a flat back for comfort and support. 
  • Non-Allergenic Metals: Use strong, non-allergenic metal for a seamless experience. 
  • Comfortable Design: Breathable design provides comfort all day long. 

Bebelle Tulip Bra offers the perfect fit for comfort and support in daily use.  Explore the best curve control and support bras online with Bebelle for the ultimate comfort and style.